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Flower Essence Therapy


Crown Heights

Ikar at the Alcove

The Juneberry Tree

 Art Studio


Let The Sun Shine In!

While the sap continues to rise up from the roots anchoring the forests and groves growing in oureternal Jewish homeland, Eretz Yisroel, we here in Chutz La’Aretz are huddling in doors from the wintry winds and snowfall blowing outside.


with bright yellow flowers from the flower essence garden!

Hornbeam – For Everyday Enthusiasm -Bach flowering only

every few years, Hornbeam’s green-gold blossoms display

a magnificent brightness and vitality

Hornbeam helps those who have become mentally weary, cannot shake themselves into action or get out of bed, 

galvanizing them back into life and living.

Daffodil – For Winter Doldrums – Harebell bright

yellow trumpets, lightly scented

For banishing the Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

Daffodil helps to prevent a tired, low patch from spiraling into something worse. 

Daffodil opens the mind to lighter and brighter energies.

Lemon: For Sharp Mental Forces – Flower Essence Society an

evergreen tree with handsome foliage

fragrant flowers and lemon-yellow fruit

Just as the lemon tree embraces contrasting qualities: an expansive fragrant scent and tart taste, 

so too does its’ essence fuse the breadth of imagination and artistry with sharp mental forces.

Dyssodia – For Revelation – Forest and Kim Starr a yellow

daisy that flowers in the desert from March to October despite

the dry and intense heat

This is the Ah ha! remedy that helps to clarify, assimilate, and integrate information, balancing broad perspective with detail and specificity as well as broadening a too narrow vision to the bigger picture. 

An excellent remedy for anyone with learning challenges!

Confidence Mix - featuring Tormentil - Harebell

a cheerful moorland plant with tiny, bright yellow four petalled flowers

For confidence in the face of critique and disappointment. Tormentil helps us bounce back from and counter negative beliefs such as “this always happens to me” or “I can’t do anything right” with faith in ourselves and ability.

Broom: For Will - Harebell

a garden bush with bright golden yellow flowers

This is the “yes you can” remedy for when we need to start afresh and perseverance is required to reach our goals.

Meadow Buttercup – For Hakoras HaTov - Harebell

A golden yellow flower brightening meadows and pasture land

Take it counter any negativity and instill a little appreciation and positivity into our thinking, no what the circumstances.