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Flower Essence Therapy


Crown Heights

Ikar at the Alcove

The Juneberry Tree Art Gallery

2022 Season at the Gallery

Call for Art! 

The Juneberry Tree Art Gallery is Crown Heights’ newest fine art exhibition space for 

emerging Jewish artists working with a variety of art mediums and themes.

Housed in a century-old warm and artsy home in 

the iconic Chabad-Lubavitch neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, 

the gallery’s intimate space opened last year with a show by Quilling artist Yamit Presman.

This year, the gallery wishes to exhibit artwork each month by theme - categories listed below. 

 However, submissions are not limited to specifically “Jewish” or religious motifs, per se.

Cheshvan/November - Water/Noah/Fall/Color

Kislev/December - Miracles

Teves/January - Women/Head coverings

Shevat/February - Landscapes

Adar/March - Costumes

Nissan/April (Chol HaMoed) - History

Iyar/May - Botanicals/Flowers/Trees

Go to our submissions page for more details.

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